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Scholarships: Outtatown Leadership Scholarship

Outtatown is CMU's two-semester discipleship school for high school graduates ages 17–22. Each year CMU gives out 3 Outtatown Leadership Scholarships valued at $2,500 each for the Outtatown program students who demonstrate significant leadership ability, academic excellence, personal character, service and vision.

With the application form, students should include:

  • Two letters of nomination.
  • A résumé detailing their work, volunteer, education, and leadership experiences. Students should include any outstanding leadership achievements.
  • A 1000 word essay describing a leader who inspired them, what they learned from that leader and the qualities they want to emulate. They should also reflect on qualities of leadership that they want to develop while on Outtatown and beyond including personal goals for life and education.

These forms must be submitted by February 28 to be eligible.

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