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University is like anything else: you get out what you put in. Strong and diverse community leaders make campus life richer and more rewarding for everybody. For senior students especially, volunteer leadership can be a great way to give back.

Furthermore, leadership skills are highly coveted in today's working world, and co-curricular involvement looks great on a resume. So take a look below at the great things going on around campus, and consider where you might like to get involved!


Student Council: CMU Student Council (CMUSC) is the student organization that represents all Shaftesbury Campus undergraduate students. Its mandate is to help promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical welfare of all members of the student body. CMUSC and its 10 sub-committees (outlined individually below) fulfills this mandate by discussing and responding to student issues, setting policies, and providing leadership for a variety of student activities, events, and forums. All CMU students are eligible to serve on Student Council committees.

Positions and Sub-Committees:

  • President – chairs all meetings and oversees all aspects of CMUSC.
  • Vice President Advocacy – represents students at various meetings of faculty, staff, and the CMU Board of Governors together with the Menno Simons College student representative as well as performing the duties of the President when he/she is unable to do so.
  • Vice President Activities – responsible for various tasks which involve planning and facilitating student activities and events. The VP Activities is also responsible for running CMUSC elections and referendums. Also sits on Community Council.
  • Vice President Operations – responsible for all financial accounts and business ventures (Blaurock Café) of CMUSC.
  • Vice President Communications – takes and posts minutes of meetings and forums. Responsible for keeping students informed of events and other student council related information. Also chairs the Communications Committee.
  • Arts and Entertainment – educate, promote, and organize activities for the student body in the areas of the fine and performing arts.
  • Faith in Life – develop and implement activities that will nurture Christian character and community at CMU; rep on the Chapel Planning Committee.
  • International Student Committee – raises awareness of the presence of the international community on campus and the issues that these students might face at CMU.
  • Peace and Sustainability – plan and promote activities, which draw students into dialogue, action, reflection, and prayer on issues of peace, social and environmental concerns.
  • DOXA – CMU's student magazine by the people, for the people! The DOXA team promotes and publishes student writing, art, and other student-generated publications while striving to offer the student body a publication that is creative, dynamic, challenging, astute, provocative and entertaining.
  • Social Activities – provide opportunities for the CMU community to meet socially; helps Student Life plan orientation week events and banquets.
  • Sports and Recreation – plans and promotes activities, which draw students into healthy, active lifestyles and which allow for fellowship and fun; rep on Athletics Committee.
  • Witness through Service – raises awareness and facilitates involvement in witness through voluntary service opportunities for students.
  • Wittenberg Radio – produces a podcast each week that covers compelling community issues and topics of interest, such as those emerging from the Wittenberg Door (a public avenue for students to voice opinions and concerns), weekly Chapels/Forums, or other sources.
  • First-year student representatives – represent the interests of first year students.
  • Graduating student representative – acts as a liaison and organizer between the current graduating class and CMU. 

The Blaurock Café: The Blaurock is owned by CMUSC and managed by a team of students chosen and affirmed by CMUSC. The management team includes a Finance Manager in charge of keeping the café fiscally on track, a Human Resource Manager in charge of overseeing volunteer baristas, an Operations Manager in charge of keeping the Blaurock ship-shape and running smoothly, and a Marketing Manager in charge of product advertising. Completing the team are the dozens of volunteers who pick up shifts each week to keep North Side cozy and caffeinated. Watch for volunteer sign-up sheets at the beginning of each semester! 


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL): CMU students volunteer their time to help classmates with homework, essay writing, test prep, and more through a student collective called PAL [Peer Assisted Learning]. Volunteering with PAL can be a brilliant way to improve your own academic skills, network study partners for exam season, and boost your mental health. Take it from us, the best way to learn is to teach, and nothing puts you back in perspective like helping others through their struggles and frustrations.


Residence Assistants (RAs): RAs are so much more than floor-supervisors; they are a core element of student life.  RAs are caring, open, fun-loving people who love God and serving others, and they are residence students' go-to people for help, information, etc. RAs also bring an element of fun to the res-life experience by planning floor events throughout the year, such as potlucks, outings, seasonal festivities, and more. 


Commuter Assistants (CAs): CAs are student leaders among the commuter population; their objective is to create opportunities through which commuters are able to gather together and interact with their peers, and the staff and faculty. CAs work to serve the commuter student population through advocacy, orientation to the CMU campus, and general assistance. CAs meet weekly to discuss issues and concerns relating to the commuter student body and to plan a variety of events for commuters to participate in throughout the year.


Fellowship Group Leaders (FGLs): FGLs are students who lead small groups of peers who meet for the purpose of growing in relationship with God and each other. Fellowship group members care for and support one another through sharing and prayer. They also study the Bible, worship together, do service projects, and have social events, depending on the particular focus of the group. Special focus groups (e.g., for married students, international students, off-campus students, survivors of violence, etc.) are organized where there is interest.

International Student Leadership

International Student Council (ISC): The International Student Council works to raise awareness of the presence of international students on campus, provides a voice for  international students and strives to address the issues that this community faces during their time at CMU. International Student Council leaders assist in planning orientation and providing programming and events on campus throughout the year that support the mission of the International Student Council.

International Student Mentors (ISMs): International Student Mentors are assigned to each new international student when they arrive for orientation.  These student leaders assist new students in navigating the various items associated with beginning university and moving to Canada.

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