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MHC Gallery Vision

The MHC Gallery works side by side with the Mennonite Heritage Archives to link history with the present and future. We wish to link the ethnic past to the multiethnic now and tomorrow through shared faith and ideals. The MHC Gallery joins Mennonite History with art in order to stimulate and keep alive Anabaptist/Mennonite distinctives built on faith, perseverance and obedience.

We share our world, country and community with people from myriad cultures. Just as the church is diverse, so too Christian artists reflect that diversity. Just as Mennonite artists within the church have often not found a relevant place, neither have Christian artists from immigrant or refugee communities or those from the developing world. The MHC Gallery offers all these artists a place to exhibit their creativity.

This mix of art, artists and cultures points to a foundation of Mennonite history and faith flowing into a cornucopia of varied expression nurtured from and heralding the same source, God.

The MHC Gallery is a part of Canadian Mennonite University.


The MHC Gallery Story

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