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Voices of Conscience: Peace Witness in the Great War

Voices of Conscience: Peace Witness in the Great War

Friday, September 20 — Saturday, November 9, 2019 

From the Kauffman Museum, North Newton, Kansas and sponsored in Winnipeg by Providence Christian Services, a charity of Manitoba Hutterite communities

Hutterites arrived in South Dakota in the 1870s. "The colonies grew under the favorable conditions of American democracy and its freedom, until new suffering occurred during World War I. Then super-patriots could not understand the nonresistant attitude of these Anabaptists, and a great number of young Hutterite conscientious objectors went through almost unbelievable hardships in federal prisons. Two men died there on account of exposure and privations. At that point the Brethren decided to move on to Canada where exemption from military service was granted. They located in southern Alberta, and south central Manitoba." 

Voices of Conscience is an American exhibition brought to the MHC Gallery from the Kauffman Museum in North Newton, Kansas. When asked if we would be interested in hosting the exhibit, I said absolutely because of the connection to our Anabaptist "cousins," the Hutterites. I suggested the other condition be that Manitoba Hutterites bring together an exhibition of Hutterite art about daily life. 

"Hutterite heritage, history and art" is an article written by Mariel Roehr from CHVN Radio about the Voices of Conscience exhibition. 

For more information: CANVASs September/October Newsletter

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Opening: Friday, September 20 from 7:30 — 9:30 PM, discover why Hutterites came to Manitoba 

Annual Fundraiser: Friday, October 18, 7:30 PM, celebrate Hutterite life, art, faith, community, music, and food

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