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Resident Entrepreneurs

A Rocha Manitoba

Director: Scott Gerbrandt

Program Manager: Zoe Matties

In an environmental context that is often characterized by division and paralysis, A Rocha Manitoba is a Christian community bringing hope through care of people and place. In Winnipeg, A Rocha is becoming a unifying voice training, equipping and inspiring communities in creation care.  At the Boreal Ecology Centre we are preserving sensitive habitats and motivating people of all ages as they experience the warmth and wildness of God. A Rocha is strengthening curiosity, hope and community.


Being Pukka

Positive Psychology Practitioner: Susan Kuz

Susan Kuz is a Positive Psychology Practitioner at Being Pukka. She has facilitated workshops, created programs, and coached clients since 2009.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (hons) with the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba and holds a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology with the Flourishing Centre in NYC and is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach.

Susan is a certificated facilitator of The Passion Test; Personality Type Applications and Flourishing Skills Groups; Appreciation Languages in the Workplace. She is a graduate of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice program from the VIA Character Institute.

Susan is passionate about learning the newest and best tools for cultivating positive personal growth and navigating through change. She is committed to sharing her insights and discoveries with others through programs she creates including: Big Juicy Goals, Happy Up, Mindset Shift, Vitality Challenge, Blossoming When Life Gives You Lemons, and Real-Time Resiliency.

Her most recent project is set to launch in 2019 – The My Life Reboot portal.

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Greentech Environmental Canada

Owner: Kevin Shale

The mission of GreenTech Environmental Canada (GTE Canada) is to reduce the consumption of chemicals through the use of eco-friendly technologies, in order to achieve sustainability. 

The company was started by Kevin Shale in 2017. After selling environmentally friendly products alongside his appliance repair company, he decided to make those products available to more than just his clients.  Now, Kevin has made thes products available nation-wide.

GTE Canada's current product line includes flagship products such as the pureAir Fridge, pureAir 500C, and the pureWash Pro. Our products utilise technologies such as photocatalytic oxidation, activated oxygen, needlepoint ionization to eliminate odours, remove smoke, reduce allergens, and breakdown pathogens.  

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Matt Veith Creative

Designer: Matt Veith

A lot of people think that design is a highly specialized, stoic, chin-scratching probe into the depths of aesthetic minutae. While it's true that good design involves a lot of thinking, the best design just happens when people work together on stuff honestly and openly and with a sense of adventure and playfullness. That's what Matt has learned to be true, and so his approach of having a lot of conversations with a lot of people a lot of the time has led to him not only to come up with ideas, but also discovering a knack for executing them and seeing them to fruition. It's what's led Matt to work in a wide variety of mediums and roles in a wide range of industries and contexts.

Through numerous stints as a designer, magazine editor, photographer, and writer, Matt's found an anchoring place in branding, layout, and print design. Over the 5 years, he's been actively involved in professional freelance design, developing a natural eye for typography and proportions into an ability to tell a story with subtle visual forms, alongside strong brands, rich with visual language.

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Off the Wood

Founder: Franck Ndayubashe

Franck moved to Montreal with his older brother when he was just 13, to escape the civil war in Burundi, and later attended university in Winnipeg. The birth of OffTheWood is rooted in this place of origin, an inspiration born after a visit back to Burundi in 2014, which at the time, was on the verge of ruin.

The old houses in his neighborhood were collapsing with unemployment leaving the people in abject poverty. Franck saw the environment not also spared from the devastation. The river he used to swim in had suddenly dried up too. The excitement around the town was completely lost and hope seemed slim. He could have helped with fundraising but opted to help the people see value in creativity, fashion and style. Franck recalled a wooden necklace he used to wear and people loved it, and at that right moment, he was inspired. Wood seemed like the perfect material to bring into the spotlight of the fashion world, due to being non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable. What's more, because the grain pattern and density of each tree is unique, each wooden accessory will be too!

After making a quick phone call to a carpenter friend in rural Quebec, the first wooden bowtie was made from recycled cabinets, natural wood and drawers. Today, we also use natural wood from certified forestation.

The brand is symbolic to people who love and conserve the environment. This is because we agree to plant one tree for every wooden product purchased.

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Pike Projects

Design Build: Colin Grover


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Red Moon Media

Mayo Sowemimo

Red Moon Media is a video production company that can help you and your business become seen, heard, & understood.

We are committed to providing premium quality products & services by uniquely matching our clients needs with our expertise, which is all done within a creative & professional environment. We prides ourselves in our ability to be personable & work side by side with our clients.

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KPO Enterprises

Kito Poblah

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Sly Bird Creative

Graphic Designer: Evan Kuz

Graphic designer and communications strategist. Amateur writer and photographer. Cyclist. Runner. Skier - of the x-country variety. Loves movies. Loves books. Really really really loves travel. Believes in world peace, the perfect taco and that his destiny.

With approximately 30 years of design experience, Evan is the founder of Sly Bird Creative, an innovative design firm with a thirst for providing unique communications solutions for clients with unique problems of any size.

Outside of his career in design, you'll most likely to find him traveling somewhere far away, or meandering down paths and hiking trails on foot, bike or in full running stride. He's also been spotted happily dipping his kayak or paddle board paddle into the water of Lake Winnipeg near his family cottage.

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Canada Green Building CouncilManitoba

Chapter Engagement Specialist: Crystal Bornais

The Canada Green Building Council – Manitoba Chapter provides support, education and advocates for the green building industry in our province. Together with our vast network of industry professionals we work to transform Manitoba's built environment for a more sustainable future.

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