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On-Campus Student Employment

The On-Campus Student Employment program is a vital part of community life at CMU. There are over 100 on-campus job opportunities available to students. By working on campus, you will earn money, get job references, gain experience for future employment, and engage actively in the life of CMU.

On-Campus Student Employment positions are available to all students registered in courses at CMU. Priority is given to full-time students, but everyone can apply. All positions are contracted on a part-time basis and the number of hours varies with each job. Most positions pay Manitoba minimum wage.

Click here for a list of On-Campus Student Employment positions. 

To apply for an on-campus job, please fill out an application form and return it along with your résumé by mail or email.

For further information and for job descriptions, please contact our Student Employment Centre (


Student Practicum

CMU offers two types of practicum courses. Courses of the first type are scheduled alongside other courses during the academic year. These allow students to gain valuable work experience and to test vocational goals in placements suitable for the individual student. These individual placements require a minimum of 60 hours per three credit hours, and for the students to meet regularly in a practicum seminar at CMU. The second type, namely, the Intensive Practicum courses, allows students to spend a block of concentrated time in a work placement (requiring a minimum of 12 weeks for a six credit hour course). Many Intensive Practicum courses have been developed with specific CMU programs in mind, but the primary focus in finding a specific placement has to do with the individual student's academic and vocational goals. Most Intensive Practicum courses are developed with specific CMU programs in mind, but they are not restricted to students taking those programs.

Practicum placements are arranged in collaboration between the student, the Practicum Office, and a potential practicum host.

Visit the practicum page for additional information.


Job Board

Scan through all the job postings at the CMU Job Thread site. Printed copies of job postings are also available in the Student Life area (south). This page is available to CMU students and alumni only. Please contact for login information.

For help posting a job, contact CMU's Financial and Student Services Advisor at

Here are some other job boards you might want to explore:

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