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Access to Buildings

Student ID Cards

Every CMU student is provided a Student ID Card. Student ID Cards are needed in order to gain access to buildings (see below), borrow books from the CMU Library, gain access to the Dining Hall for meals, and give proof of student status in order to gain a variety of student discounts around Winnipeg. It is encouraged that students obtain these cards during Welcome Week (see Orientation Guide for details of when and where), or go to the Library after Welcome Week.

Students will receive their first card at no additional cost.  Students will be charged $20 for any replacement cards. Please see library to report a lost card and to obtain a replacement card.

Property Use and Expectations

CMU is both a public place of study and work, and, for many members of the community, a home. Students are expected to treat CMU property with the respect due to public facilities and with the same care they would treat property in their own homes. CMU property will be subject to normal wear and tear and, occasionally, to accidental damage. Any damage to CMU property (accidental or otherwise) should be reported promptly to the Maintenance Department. Students will be held financially responsible for any willful property damage, as well as damage resulting from careless or reckless behaviour.

Access to Buildings

Student ID Cards
Student ID Cards provide access to the gym, music wing, and computer lab on north side, and public spaces in Marpeck until 11:00pm. 

South Side Hours
Doors on the south side are unlocked at 7:30am on weekdays and 8:30am on weekends. Lock-up on the south side is at 10:30pm, except for perimeter doors facing the street and parking lot that are locked at 9:00pm. All occupants must vacate the south side admin building by 10:30pm after which all areas are under alarm.

The bridge that connects the north and south sides via Marpeck Commons is open from 7:30am – 11:30pm on weekdays and from 8:00am – 11:30pm on weekends.

North Side Hours
Doors on the north side are unlocked on weekdays at 7:30am and are locked at 5:30pm, unless evening classes are in session. All occupants must vacate the buildings by 11:30pm after which all areas are under alarm. Alarms will also go off if doors are propped open.

Music Practice Rooms

Music practice rooms are located on both the north side and the south side. Access to the north side practice rooms after 5:30pm requires use of your Student ID card.

Fitness Room

The CMU fitness room is adjacent to the gym. It is accessible to current CMU students who have signed a waiver form. Students can get a waiver form at the reception desk. The fitness room and gym hours are 7:30am – 11:00pm.

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