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Important Info & News

Important campus and rental information will be posted daily on 6 digital signs, or at the above link. Notices for digital signage should be submitted to the Receptionist (south side) either in writing or preferably by email by 3:00pm of the previous day.

CMU Daily News

CMU Daily News has announcements and updates pertinent to academic and community life. CMU Daily News is emailed to students and posted on bulletin boards throughout the campus. Notices for CMU Daily News should be submitted to the south side receptionist either in writing or preferably by email to by 3:00pm of the previous day.

CMU Student Portal

The CMU Student Portal is your online tool that gives you access to registration, bill statements (a bill statement will not be mailed to you), your timetable, class information that your instructors post such as the syllabus, announcements, assignment descriptions, notes, etc., grades and an unofficial transcript.

Access to the CMU Student Portal can be found under the Student Resources section of the website. It can also be accessed by visiting New students will be given a student portal user ID and password prior to registration. Returning students who have forgotten their user ID or password are required to contact south reception to reset their account.

Student Portal FAQs

CMU Student Email

The primary way students will be contacted throughout the year with important information is through their CMU email. New students will be issued a user ID, password, and CMU email address after registration. Returning students who have forgotten their user ID or password are required to contact south side reception to have their account reset. The password gives students access to their CMU email and computers located in computer labs and in the library.

Forwarding CMU email to a personal email address:

Student Email FAQs


Students living on campus and students with on-campus jobs will have a mailbox on campus, located downstairs on the south side. For incoming mail, students living on campus should give the following address:

Canadian Mennonite University
500 Shaftesbury Blvd
Winnipeg, MB  R3P 2N2

Stamped out-going mail may be brought to the south side receptionist.

CMU WiFi Access

CMU has a wireless network that is available at various locations around campus. A network key is required for gaining access to the wireless network and can be obtained from the receptionists on north side and south side.

Computer Labs & Printers

There are several computer labs and printers available for student use. Students need to provide their own paper. All students are asked to store their material on their own USB flash drive or on their OneDrive. Any problems with computers or accounts can be sent to

Internet Etiquette

All students are asked to consider the impact of their interactions on the internet, whether it be in email, or on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other internet communications and blogs.

Some things to consider:

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