Studies in English teach students how to read, and write about, literature's most demanding and rewarding texts. Through the study and creation of imaginative literature, students develop sensitivity to metaphor, narrative structure, literary form, and genre. This awareness contributes powerfully to how we as humans engage with questions of meaning, how we conceive of God, and how we understand ourselves.

Through coursework in English, students learn to interpret literary works, cultivating skills in critical analysis. They learn to communicate their interpretations effectively, and, in creative writing courses, to develop their own literary style. They cultivate empathy, by engaging deeply with texts that uncover the complexity of human life. Studies in English prepare students for careers demanding excellent communication, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and attention to detail.

English grads are creative; they welcome intense challenges and are accustomed to working with complex material. Persuasive and passionate writing is one of their most obvious strengths.
The small class size at CMU lends itself well to working in collaboration with others who are passionate about writing and literature.
CMU English grads are teaching in school divisions across Canada and the US. Others have launched teaching careers overseas in countries like England and Turkey.
History of the Book
Detective Fiction
The Digital Word
Canadian Literature
the Revenge theme in literature
British Literature

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