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Spend an hour soaking in the dirty glamour of medieval England. Jump to a modern Asian metropolis in a graphic novel. Explore the poems and stories created on the Canadian prairies.

Compare the agnosticism in the works of Margaret Atwood with the Christian spirituality of C.S Lewis. Delve into Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, and Tolkien. If those names excite you, consider an English degree at CMU.

An English degree at CMU combines the practical and the imaginative. Students study a mix of fiction, nonfiction, creative writing and poetry, honing their writing and interpretive skills across genres.

English grads are creative; they welcome intense challenges and are accustomed to working with complex material. Persuasive and passionate writing is one of their most obvious strengths.
The small class size at CMU lends itself well to working in collaboration with others who are passionate about writing and literature.
CMU English grads are teaching in school divisions across Canada and the US. Others have launched teaching careers overseas in countries like England and Turkey.
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Detective Fiction
The Digital Word
Canadian Literature
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