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How Can We Help?

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Why CMU?

The small class size at CMU lends itself well to working in collaboration with others who are passionate about writing and literature. Students often form creative writing groups where they share and evaluate one another’s work. Professors also spend time working with individual students, editing their work and helping them produce the strongest work possible.

Get published

CMU students edit and run The Doxa, a monthly publication featuring opinion pieces, news, and features about issues relevant to the CMU community.

Soul in Paraphrase is the English department’s peer-reviewed creative writing journal that is published annually.  Students are encouraged to contribute.

Graduate studies

If you are interested in an academic career and intend to pursue a Master’s degree, CMU offers an option for 4th year students to complete a senior thesis under the supervision of one of our English professors.

CMU English graduates have recently gone on to further studies at University of Manitoba, Ryerson University, Oxford University, Dalhousie University, and others.

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