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Participation in CMU Ensembles is open to all students enrolled for at least one course each semester at CMU. All CMU students are encouraged to join a music ensemble. Ensemble members are not required to be music majors; however, all music majors participate in ensembles.

Admission to all CMU Ensembles is on an audition basis. Acceptance into the music program does not automatically qualify a student for placement in CMU Ensembles. Students planning to audition for ensembles must register for the appropriate courses. CMU Ensembles are credit courses and fees are commensurate with credit hours. Students who would like to be full participants in ensembles, but do not wish to receive credit for them, may register according to audit procedures. However, the same course requirements (full participation and attendance at all events) apply. Students who have registered for ensemble credit, but who are not chosen to participate, will be fully reimbursed.

Audition Requirements: Students should be prepared to play or sing one piece, as is appropriate to their intended ensemble. A pianist is provided where needed.

Auditions for all CMU ensembles occur during the registration days and the first few days of classes in September. Audition sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board by the Chapel (south side) on Labour Day.

For more information about ensembles, contact Anika Reynar at

Community members who have been accepted into an ensemble can pay their fee via CMU's online payment form.


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