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Alumni Engagement

“Some of the best years of my life!”

This comment is frequently voiced by alumni for whom attending CMU was a time of formative academic, personal, and spiritual growth—within a context of building life-long friendships!

We encourage you to stay engaged with alumni, friends and the CMU community, regardless of where your education and career take you.

We welcome you back to campus anytime, and certainly to stay informed by checking our website regularly. 

We also want to stay in touch with you! Have you moved? Married? Had a baby or started a new job? Changed your address? We want to hear about it. Please email us at and tell us what is happening in your life.

Who is a CMU Alumnus?

Given CMU’s unique history, it’s understandable that this question arises! The answer is simple.

An Alumnus is any person who has completed a minimum of 18 credit hours of credit at MBBC / Concord, CMBC, or CMU through the Shaftesbury undergraduate or graduate programs, or the Outtatown Discipleship School.

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