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Graduation & Convocation

Graduation & Convocation

Conferral of Degrees

CMU confers degrees twice a year:

Download a Graduation Application Form.

Criteria for Graduating in November

To graduate in November, you must do one of the following:

Criteria for Graduating or Participating in Graduation Exercises in April

To Graduate with All Requirements Met:

To Participate in Graduation:

If you meet one of these criteria, you must:

Graduation is an important event. It marks the official culmination of your studies at CMU. It is also a community event since academic work is more than an individualistic endeavour - the CMU community is an important part of the learning that takes place. Through the graduation events the CMU community formally acknowledges the graduating class. All graduating students are expected to participate in the events. If you are unable to attend, please send a written notice to the Registrar by February 1st.

Graduation Fees

A graduation fee of $105.00 is required. This fee covers a variety of expenses related to graduation, including the expenses for the grad composite and the sitting fees. However, it does not cover expenses for activities organized by the graduating class.

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