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Biblical & Theological Studies

Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS) invites students to disciplined, thoughtful reflection on the Bible, on the theological traditions and history of the church, and on the experiences and practices of Christian communities around the world.

In our diverse, ever-changing society where technological, economic, and cultural developments are constantly challenging the way we think about God, ourselves, and others, theology is a deeply relevant subject.
CMU is a Christian university, founded by and supported by Mennonite churches. The Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS) requirement within CMU's Core Curriculum reflects CMU's identity as a Christian university.
Our grads choose a variety of careers including journalism, social work, media, counseling, NGO work, education, law, business, and agriculture, just to name a few.
Creation, Environment, and the Bible
Wisdom Literature
Principles and Paradigms in Youth Ministry
Apocalypse—Then and Now

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