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Biblical & Theological Studies

Why Major in BTS?

In our diverse, ever-changing society where technological, economic, and cultural developments are constantly challenging the way we think about God, ourselves, and others, theology is a deeply relevant subject.  

Students majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies at CMU are invited to explore what it means to live authentically in the world today, and discover the Bible's potential to speak to our modern existence, interconnected and isolated as we are.

Whether you grew up in a Christian home and wish to further investigate the faith you inherited, have no faith background at all and are merely curious, or fall somewhere in between, CMU welcomes your voice! Every perspective contributes a vital element to the classroom, and a variety of backgrounds among students only increases the potential for rich discussion.

Biblical and Theological study involves a wide variety of subject matter. During your time here you will encounter the theological movements and intellectual impulses which have shaped our world historically, and are shaping it now. You will be challenged to look outside your own experience and consider a variety of perspectives, including intercultural views on potentially familiar subjects. You will be challenged to turn your gaze inward and consider your own spiritual intuitions, hang-ups, and convictions.

If you are curious, self-examining, open-minded, and courageous enough to ask life's biggest questions about God, life, death and the world—if you crave goodness, insight, and substantial human interaction—if you love a challenge—Biblical and Theological Studies might be a good fit for you.

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