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Craig Martin

Craig Martin, PhD in Agricultural Economics and Business, University of Guelph
Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Administration
Teaching areas: economics, accounting, finance, decision-science

In his research, Craig Martin has prepared extensive analyses of the demand for dairy products in Canada. His academic interests include the challenges facing family-owned businesses, having himself grown up in an entrepreneurial family. He is interested in the dynamics of non-profit organizations. "The same principles that govern businesses apply to non-profit groups," he says. He is especially interested in how business and financial, monetary, and government policies affect economic development in both the developed and developing world.

Contact Craig: or 204.487.3300, ext. 365

Rosemary Vogt

Rosemary Vogt, PhD in Higher Education, focus on Leadership and Administration,
University of North Dakota

Assistant Professor of Business
Teaching areas: Business and organizational administration, organizational behaviour, business and organizational communication, organizational leadership, human resource management

Rosemary has a PhD focusing on organizational leadership and administration. She became interested in organizational behavior in 2010 as a result of assuming various leadership roles in collaborative projects between Red River College and the provincial government. She also developed a program in 2009 to promote community capacity building in northern Manitoba in a collaborative initiative between Frontiers Foundation and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Rosemary's experiences significantly influenced her doctoral research focusing on higher education program development to meet the needs of the community.

Contact Rosemary: or 204.487.3300, ext. 664

Michael Gumprich

Michael Gumprich, LLM, University of Manitoba
Adjunct Professor 
Teaching area: business law

Michael Gumprich is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and holds Bachelor of Arts and Law degrees in addition to a post graduate Master of Laws degree in the area of corporate governance. He is the Adjunct Professor of Business Law at CMU and a member of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers and the Law Society of Manitoba. As an educator he focuses on the nexus between Canadian business law and entrepreneurship and has developed a number of proactive strategies for managing legal risk in the workplace.

Gumprich also understands the business environment from an entrepreneur's perspective having launched his own successful business ventures. In his spare time he is a composer and author whose music has been symphonically recorded. Gumprich's book Our Journey Here and music can be variously found in a number of academic libraries including those at Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Brown, Stanford, and Yale in addition to a number of public libraries. 


Ray Vander Zaag, PhD, Carleton University

Contact Ray: or 204.487.3300, ext. 643

Justin Neufeld

Justin Neufeld, MA, McMaster University
Lecturer in Philosophy
Teaching area for business: business ethics

Justin Neufeld's academic interests concern how the human person has been understood by ancient, medieval, and modern writers as they have contemplated the question of justice, which is the question of what we owe others and what is owed to ourselves. Students in business will engage this history of reflection on justice in order to bring its resources to bear on the question of what constitutes good business today.


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