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Redekop School of Business

In-Residence Program

With the launch of the Redekop School of Business (RSB) came the introduction of the RSB In-Residence Program. Each year, RSB invites an executive, a leader, an entrepreneur or a recognized social entrepreneur to be the In-Residence guest to the RSB. The business professional is someone who takes time out of their busy work life to mentor students, connect with the business community and confer with faculty on program development. The guest may be a retired professional wishing to inspire and advise others.

Who is the In-Residence Guest? The In-Residence Guest is invited by the RSB Director based on his/her credentials, experience and expertise, and passion to bring an energy and business perspective to students. Individuals are selected for the role based on their strengths and abilities, their passion to influence students, their ties to the community, and willingness to be available for ongoing dialogue and consultation.

How long is an In-Residence guest available? As part of the In-Residence agreement, the guest may be accessible to students for the academic year or for the term of commitment. Students may establish and maintain connections with the In-Residence Guest, which can translate into professional opportunities including co-op option or practicum placement. As an educational institution which values relationship, the guest may maintain long-term relationships with the school.

What can the In-Residence guest do? Their main function is to provide students with an opportunity for direct connection to business experience and expertise on a specific topic, providing additional meaning to classroom studies. Additionally they will provide opportunities for one-on-one mentorship conversations. They may be available to build bridges with businesses and communities and in their role they may also be available for consultation with faculty regarding program development, offering expertise on sought after business skills influencing learning outcomes.

In-Residence Guest may be invited to:

What is One-on One Counseling Mentorship? This is an opportunity for the In-Residence Guest to meet with and advise students on career choices and program pathways. Students who volunteer for these sessions take the initiative to sign up for 30 minute slots of confidential advising. Discussions may focus on a student’s interests and ideas, as he or she considers a business career in a particular profession or industry. The In-Residence guest inspires students toward a career that is satisfying and rewarding while encouraging them to think about entrepreneurship, thinking outside the box, and daring to dream in relation to business. 

Who to contact? If you are a professional interested in participating as guest in the RSB In-Residence Program, please contact Ray Vander Zaag, RSB Director at


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