Seniors at CMU Tuition Program

Stimulate your mind and remain an intellectually active, vital member of the community as you approach or enjoy retirement. At a significantly reduced cost, enjoy a wide variety of three credit hour courses in religion, philosophy, history, music, science, literature, and much more. For credit or audit options are available.

Courses taken for credit – The tuition rate for seniors (65 and over) will be $150 for three credit hours.

Courses taken by audit – The tuition rate for seniors (65 and over) will be $100 for three credit hours.

For a listing of the undergraduate courses offered, please go to Courses and Timetable page, noting the restrictions provided below. For a listing of the graduate courses offered, go to Graduate Courses and Timetable.

Reduced rates are subject to the following exclusions and conditions

  1. Reduced rates do not apply to individual applied music courses, ensembles, science courses with lab requirements, independent studies courses, directed studies courses, study tours or courses taken through the Canadian School of Peacebuilding. Moreover, all prerequisites and co-requisites for these courses apply.
  2. Students who are paying full tuition will receive priority consideration when a class over-subscribes. Seniors' reduced-rate registrations will be conditional until the final class count is known.
  3. Not all classes are suitable for auditing, for various reasons. Auditors need permission to audit a class, and that permission is communicated through the Registrar's Office.

For registration or additional information, please contact Maria Shokpeka, Assistant Registrar at 204.594.0530 or via email at

Xplore: Keep Thinking

At the Intersection of Faith and Life, A 55-Plus Enrichment Program

Discovery can be a life-long delight. Χplore offers courses that investigate dimensions of the Christian faith, our world, and life in it. All without any assignments or examinations!

Χplore happens Wednesday mornings at CMU—and now Thursday mornings in Winkler—for a six-week block in fall, and a six-week block in Spring. Each morning consists of two 60-minute class periods, divided by a 30-minute break for refreshments and fellowship.

For more information, visit


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