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Vancouver melee about more than hockey

A Biblical Studies colleague here at CMU sent me this link today from the Winnipeg Free Press: Vancouver melee brings out a dark, disturbing side of social media As we move into an increasingly wired and online reality, this article… [More]

Canadian Mennonite magazine looking for Young Voices

I got an email from Emily Loewen, Canadian Mennonite Young Voices Editor last week inviting CMU students to join their team of journalistic storytellers. Here’s what Emily sent. A great opportunity! “If you’re interested in journalism, photography, multimedia or just… [More]

Video – coffee with recent grad Mike Duerksen at Siloam Mission

Mid-afternoon I caught up with Mike Duerksen, Communications and Media grad (3-yr BA 2010), who is about 10 months into his position as Communications Coordinator for an incredible organization – Siloam Mission. Here’s a bit of what it means to… [More]

Communication students interview on-air personalities

I can never wait to see and hear what the COMM-1000 Introduction to Comm/Media students come back with when they’re sent out to ask Winnipeg on-air personalities and creative communicators what it takes to be successful in the communications industry…. [More]

Welcome to my new Communications and Media blog

Welcome to my new Communications and Media blog

Well, it’s time to do some storytelling about the Communications and Media program at CMU. So much happens each week with exciting student projects, alumni activities, practicum and job opportunities… Come back here often to catch my personal take on… [More]