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Face2Face | A Conversation within an Abrahamic Tent: A Jew, Christian, and Muslim in Dialogue (video)

Too rarely do Jewish, Christian, and Muslim believers sit with one another under a temporary canopy for conversation—those who, in spite of great present diversity, share faith roots within an ancient Abrahamic tent.

This Face2Face panel brings together committed practitioners of distinct faiths into dialogue with followers from other religious traditions.


  • Moderator – Dr. Harry Huebner, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Theology at CMU
  • Jewish Tradition – Dr. Ruth Ashrafi, Judaic Studies Advisor at Gray’s Academy
  • Christian Tradition – Dr. Karl Koop, Professor of History and Theology at CMU
  • Muslim Tradition – Shahina Siddiqui, founder and Executive Director of the Islamic Social Services Association

Questions Framing this Conversation

Heart and Contribution: 

What lies at the core of your faith heritage? What kind of a person is generated by the best of your faith tradition? What gift or contribution does your faith tradition bring to its adherents and to our society?

Challenges and Strains:

By virtue of living in a secular, individualized culture, all faith traditions face challenges and strains. Within that broader context, does your faith tradition face particular challenges? Does your tradition encounter unique growing edges, perplexities or trials to which you believe attention should be given in order to strengthen its collective identity and contribution?

Possibilities for Ways Forward:

What does your religious tradition value most in the other two faith traditions? Understanding present divergence and diversity among Jews, Muslims and Christians, how might believers from these traditions together model life-giving ways forward? What possibilities can we imagine for working together for peace and justice in the world?



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Face2Face | Why Beauty Matters: Radical Amazement, Spirituality, and the Ecological Crisis (video)

Nature has the power to draw us into her beauty, to inspire feelings of wonder and awe, to connect with our spirit. Sadly, our approach in this technological age is too often the opposite, seeing nature as a tool to be used, a resource to be consumed. In a time of ecological crisis what we may need, more than anything else, is a change of posture.

The phrase “radical amazement” comes from the Jewish rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, whose work represents one strand of Jewish environmentalism. He has argued that the root of the environmental crisis lies in the way that we have changed our posture toward the natural world—from awe, wonder, and amazement to detachment, control, and manipulation.

Mathematician Dr. Tim Rogalsky, biologist Dr. Rachel Krause, and engineer Randy Herrmann take us on a fascinating ‘guided tour’ into the wonder of nature. See with new eyes and stand in awe of the hidden beauty of flora, fauna, and land.


Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation Video

Face2Face | Journey to Renewed Covenants​ (video)

The ​Manitoba Screening of ‘Reserve 107: Reconciliation on the Prairies’ with Director Brad Leitch took place on September 23, 2016 and was followed by audience conversation with film participants.


  • Barb and Wilmer Froese of Laird, SK
  • Ray Funk of Prince Albert, SK
  • Chief George Kingfisher, hereditary chief of the Young Chippewayan First Nation
  • Brad Leitch

Indigenous rights and title to the land remain a taboo topic for many across Canada, but in the small town of Laird, SK, an old injustice is providing new opportunities for dialogue, friendship and a fierce determination to right the wrongs of the past. In 2006, 130 years after the signing of Treaty 6, Mennonites, Lutherans, and the Young Chippewayan First Nation gathered on the sacred hill of Stoney Knoll / Opwashemoe Chakatinaw located in Laird where, with goodwill and shared goals, they signed a memorandum of understanding. ‘Reserve 107’ captures the spirit of these renewed relationships.

At the closing ceremony of Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival the jury stated “’Reserve 107′ spoke exceptionally well to our generation. We have grown up learning about indigenous affairs and the value of righting the foundation of our friendship. Through 32 minutes we are shown two groups of people speaking at solutions and actually acting on them together, capturing the raw passion for structural change in a respectful and educated manner is one of the many reasons as to why this film has earned honourable mention for the Nigel Moore Award.”

Explore the meaning, relevance, and power Treaties signed over 100 years ago still have today. Consider more deeply, in a time of ‘truth and reconciliation’, how opportunities for renewed understanding, humility and respect might lead us to new covenants and mutual healing.

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Face2Face | Cohabitation: The Question of Living Together Before Marriage (video)

Increasingly, our faith communities, pastoral leaders and families are encountering the broad, cultural reality of cohabitation. Bringing deeply held theological convictions into conversation with practices outside of these persuasions can be challenging. Dialogue and conversation are vital.

What clarity might we gain on the Biblical, theological, sociological / cultural, and relational dynamics that underlie the reality of cohabitation? What makes this practice challenging to openly discuss within our church communities, as families and with young adults we know and love? How can we best resource and learn from one another?

Panel Members

Recorded February 2, 2016

Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation Video

Face2Face | An Urban Reserve at Kapyong: Imagining a Future (video)

Recorded November 4, 2015

David Balzer, CMU Assistant Professor of Communications and Media, along with Treaty Commissioner Jamie Wilson co-host a panel exploring questions and possibilities, and inviting the community into conversation.

Context: CMU and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba* are jointly sponsoring an important community conversation involving First Nations peoples and those living within the Tuxedo and Charleswood communities.

Focus: What might the possibility of an Urban Reserve at Kapyong Barracks mean for all of us? Can we name our questions and apprehensions and, in conversation, begin to shape a shared vision for this initiative in this area of our city? What might we imagine and do together to make this work for the benefit of all?

Panel Members:

  • Chief Dennis Meeches, Long Plain First Nation, located southwest of Portage la Prairie, and operating two urban reserves
  • Harry Finnigan, former head of planning at the City of Winnipeg; a leader in community/regional planning and revitalization
  • Andrew Holtman, Tuxedo Community Centre Board of Directors

*The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) is a neutral body, created through a partnership between the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and Canada with a mandate to strengthen, rebuild, and enhance the Treaty relationship and mutual respect between First Nations and Manitobans as envisaged by the Treaty Parties.



Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation Video

Face2Face | When Oil Dependency is not Black and White: Contradictions and Possibilities (video)

Recorded September 25, 2015

Context: From cell phones to polyester clothing; cell phones to wind turbines and automobiles… we are embedded in an oil dependent world. Now what? What meaningful choices do we really have? Come hear the personal stories and involvements of an oil industry consultant, an economist and an activist who share their insights and convictions.

Focus: How do we respond to the complex realities of oil dependency in our lives? What simple or complex steps and innovations should we attend to? What choices lie before governments, industry and before each of us as individuals? What kind of ethical framework can guide and assist us?

Panel Members:

  • Marlene Janzen – Is an engineer and owner of Eclipse Geomatics and Engineering LTD; focused on conceptual development studies, front end engineering and preliminary estimates for remote onshore and arctic offshore oil and gas opportunities.
  • James Magnus-Johnston – Is a CMU Instructor of Political Studies and Economics whose research interests lie in ecological resilience, principally through the application of “steady-state” economic policies and carbon reduction strategies.
  • Michael Tyas – Is the Co-Producer of One River, Many Relations, a 48-minute documentary highlighting both the benefits and the harms associated with the Oil Sands from the experience and insights of the Mikisew Cree First Nation and the Dene people of the Athabasca Chipewayn First Nation. A three-minute clip of the documentary will be shown this evening, with a complete screening being planned for a later date at CMU.
Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation

On Being Good Neighbours: Urban Reserves in Winnipeg with Prof. Jarem Sawatzky

“On Being Good Neighbours: Urban Reserves in Winnipeg” is the last of six Face2Face events hosted by CMU during the 2013-14 school year.

Joining CMU faculty member Jarem Sawatsky on the panel are: Terry Nelson, Grand Chief of the Southern Chiefs’ Organization; Dennis Meeches, Chief of Long Plain First Nation; Deanna Zantingh, a student from CMU’s Graduate School of Theology with an interest in indigenous relations; Kenton Lobe, Instructor in International Development Studies at CMU; and Jeffrey Ansloos, a Canadian born Cree PhD student of Clinical Psychology at Fuller School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.


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The European Debt Crisis and Other Wonders Hiding in the Global Economy with Jeff Huebner

As the fifth feature in the 2013/14 Face2Face conversation series, CMU’s Redekop School of Business Professor Jeff Huebner leads an interactive discussion exploring everything from the financial crisis in the United States to the Eurozone debt crisis. Discussion panelists will include a value investor from Niverville and an international student from Germany who speaks about the Eurozone crisis from a citizen’s perspective.


Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation Video

It’s Not Only About Atoms: Embracing the Science of Complexity with Prof. Candice Viddal

How does current thinking in physics and chemistry affect how we experience and understand other areas of life?

That is the question Candice Viddal, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Canadian Mennonite University, explores in the fourth installment of the 2013/14 Face2Face conversation series.


Face2Face: On Campus – Community in Conversation Video

When Cheap is Costly: Sweatshops and the Clothes I Wear with Dr. Ray Vander Zaag

In this, the third of 2013/4’s Face2Face series, Dr. Ray Vander Zaag is joined by alumni, students, and special guest Bob Silver. The global clothing industry, working conditions in places like Bangladesh, and the impact of Western governments and markets have had in developing countries form the discussion.