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Communication students interview on-air personalities

I can never wait to see and hear what the COMM-1000 Introduction to Comm/Media students come back with when they’re sent out to ask Winnipeg on-air personalities and creative communicators what it takes to be successful in the communications industry. Students choose audio or video and tackle what often is their first media production project. It’s all about meeting a professional in the industry, technical production is helpful but content always comes first! Check out a few video and audio projects from this past year, 2010-2011.

Cameron Friesen interviewed several team members at Handcraft Creative, one of Manitoba’s premier new media companies.

Bronwynn Fenn went down to Winnipeg’s Hot 103 to interview radio personality Ace Burpee.
[audio:|titles=Bronwynn Fenn Project – Ace Burpee interview]

Nathalie VanderZaag sat down with Heather Plett, who was working as Director of Resources and Communication at Canadian Foodgrains Bank to discover creative communications in an NGO context.