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Redekop School of Business



On October 19, 2011, CMU launched its new Redekop School of Business, made possible through the generosity of the Redekop family of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. The Redekop family had a vision "to educate the next generation in commerce, marketing, and finance, and to do this in a university that inspires and prepares future leaders with skills complimented by Christian ethics, integrity, and service."

CMU's business programming uses an inter-disciplinary approach in preparation for a global business environment. The goal is to prepare students to become engaged in business and not-for-profit organizations, with a worldview and character shaped within a Christian university community.

Students will benefit from a generous awards program, excellent professors, a supportive student-to-faculty ratio, opportunities for a term of study in an international setting, and interaction with business and not-for-profit leaders. CMU also provides the option of extending learning through a business co-op experience.

Distinctive Features

How to Apply

For application and admission information, contact Mattea Nickel at or call 204.487.3300 (toll free 1.877.231.4570).

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