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CMU Launches Redekop School of Business

On October 19, 2011, CMU launched its new Redekop School of Business, made possible through the generosity of the Redekop family of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

“We are deeply gratified to announce a significant gift from the Redekop Family that enables CMU to establish its new School of Business,” says Canadian Mennonite University President Gerald Gerbrandt. “Redekop School of Business has been established as an expression of thanksgiving for God’s providential care for the family of Jacob and Maria Redekop, and their children Mary, Jacob, John, and Peter.”

The two brothers, John and Peter, their nephew James, and the extended family, have together pledged a minimum of $6.5-million and potentially up to $7.5-million to found the School. Twenty-four members of the family travelled to Winnipeg from Alberta and British Columbia for the announcement.

Jakob and Maria Redekop, together with their four children, fled to Canada from the Soviet Union following World War II. They spent four months in Manitoba, where they were welcomed by family and church, before settling in British Columbia.

“Our family has been inspired to establish a school of business at CMU,” says Peter Redekop on behalf of the Redekop family. “We see the need to educate the next generation in commerce, marketing, and finance, and to do this in a university that inspires and prepares future leaders with skills complimented by Christian ethics, integrity, and service.”

“The School will greatly enhance the university’s ability to prepare and educate a significant number of Christian business leaders who will provide a positive influence on society and the life of the church, and who will have the resources to fund the church’s institutions,” says Redekop.

CMU’s business programming will use an inter-disciplinary approach in preparation for a global business environment. The goal is to prepare students to become engaged in business and not-for-profit organizations, with a worldview and character shaped within a Christian university community.

Redekop School of Business will offer rewarding career opportunities for students through the following programs:

  • a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (4-year, with a 5-year Co-op option) with Majors in Business Management, Not-for-Profit Management, Accounting, and Human Resources Management, and
  • a Bachelor of Arts degree (3- and 4-year), Major in Business and Organizational Administration

Students will benefit from a generous awards program, excellent professors, a supportive student-to-faculty ratio, opportunities for a term of study in an international setting, and interaction with business and not-for-profit leaders. CMU also provides the option of extending learning through a business co-op experience.

“We are convinced that the Redekop School of Business will have a positive impact on our church, our community, and all those who will be served by our business graduates,” says Gerbrandt.

Released October 19, 2011

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