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International Study Tours

No study tours planned for 2016/17.


Past Study Tours

Latin America

April 27 – May 10, 2015

Join the Redekop School of Business at CMU for an exciting 2-week study tour looking at economic development and microfinance in developing regions of Latin America. 

Explore this evolving field through experience-based learning opportunities and see first-hand how microenterprise development is impacting the lives of individuals and communities in Central America and the Caribbean region. 

Activities will include: visiting partner organizations in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, meeting microenterprise loan recipients and observing their group meetings, interacting with local community and church leaders to learn about the cultural and social context in each country, along with other cultural aspects such as visiting local handicraft markets, historic Spanish colonial cities, marine boat tours, volcanos, and national parks.



April 27 – May 11, 2014

Join the Redekop School of Business at CMU for an exciting 2-week study tour looking at business, politics and culture in Europe. See first-hand how European integration is impacting global business, E.U. institutions, member states and local communities across the region. Activities include visits to the European Council and Parliament in Brussels, briefings on the Euro debt crisis in Germany, meetings with Canada-E.U. trade officials, visits with business and government officials in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe, historical tours, and other cross-cultural activities.

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Latin America

April 29 – May 13, 2013

This study tour course offers experience-based learning opportunities for students to see first-hand how microfinance and economic development impacts individuals and communities in various regions of Latin America. The trip focuses on aspects of economic development and microfinance—the provision of small loans and financial services to the economically poor. Students develop an understanding of a range of topics in the field, including: microfinance lending models, the role of credit in microenterprises, sustainability and best practices for microfinance institutions (MFIs), the impact on clients and alleviating poverty, cultural and social issues, etc. The trip will include activities such as: visiting partner MFIs in Central America and the Caribbean region, meeting with staff to learn about field operations, visiting microenterprise loan recipients and their businesses to see how their lives are being improved, meeting with local community and church leaders to learn about the economic, political and cultural context in various countries.

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