Faculty - Gordon Matties

Sinai: A Separate Peace

The March 2009 issue of National Geographic has a fine article: “Sinai: A Separate Peace.” Amid a sea of conflict, the Sinai offers pleasure, spiritual refuge, and—potentially—harmony. Here’s a paragraph to whet your appetite for reading the whole article.

“For millennia the Sinai Peninsula has served as a bridge. A land bridge for people moving from one continent to another, yes, but also a metaphysical bridge between man and God. The forebears of the three great monotheistic religions are all said to have sought refuge in this triangular desert. According to the Bible, Moses received his assignment in Sinai when God spoke to him from the burning bush, then wandered the desert with his people for 40 years. As a child, Jesus and his family fled into Sinai to escape a jealous King Herod’s wrath. Early Christians hid from Roman persecutors among the peninsula’s lonely mountains, establishing some of the first monastic communities.”

Do not miss having a look at this very fine MAP, and a Photo Gallery by Matt Moyer. The photos and the article depict Sinai in all its contradictions, hosting both ancient traditions and modern indulgences. CLICK HERE for a printer ready version of the article (without page breaks).