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CMU Announces 2012 CSOP Courses

December 23, 2011 – Peacebuilding happens when individuals, communities and organizations work together to create a culture of peace. Each year Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP), an institute of Canadian Mennonite University, invites the peacebuilders from around the world to gather in Winnipeg, Canada, for a selection of five-day courses in June.

CSOP features two sessions this summer; the first will run from June 18-22, featuring three separate courses titled “Great Leaders of Peace: Stories of Aboriginal, Canadian and International Leaders,” taught by instructor Ovide Mercredi, “Peace Skills Practice,” by Karen Ridd, and “Speaking Out And Being Heard – Citizen Advocacy,” by Stuart Clark and Sophia Murphy.

The second session runs from June 25-29, featuring “Participant Driven Processes: Cultivating Change, Respecting Difference,” by instructor Barry Stuart, “Faith, Music and Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation,” by Ivo Markovic, and “Women and Peacebuilding” by Ouyporn Khuankaew Anna Snyder.

These five-day courses can be taken for personal inspiration, for professional development, or for academic credit. CMU welcomes peacebuilders of all ages, professions, faiths, and backgrounds to participate in discussion and learning at its fourth annual Canadian School of Peacebuilding. The School encourages anyone who is interested in peace work to attend, including staff and interns of non-governmental organizations, peace educators and activists, teachers and professors, students, government officials, community leaders, and religious leaders.

The Canadian School of Peacebuilding aims to educate on peace and justice issues and encourage discussion in a collaborative environment. The goal is for participants to leave these sessions with a new understanding of emerging ideas in peace studies, encouraged to take these practices into their daily living.

Canadian Mennonite University, through Menno Simons College (CMU’s campus at The University of Winnipeg) and through its south Winnipeg Shaftesbury campus, offers one of the most comprehensive undergraduate program in peace and conflict studies in the world. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CMU has over 1,700 students at its Shaftesbury Campus in Southwest Winnipeg, at Menno Simons College in downtown Winnipeg, and enrolled through its Outtatown discipleship program. CMU is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

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