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Alumni Profiles–Kristen Wiltshire (CMU ’14)

Kristen WiltshireThis video features Kristen Wiltshire (CMU ’14) at With Gratitude, April 26, 2014. With Gratitude is a CMU graduation weekend event at which class members share their experiences through spoken word or musical performance. The event brings together family members, graduates, students, faculty, and staff, and affords graduates a valuable opportunity to showcase what their studies have meant to them.

Here, Kristen talks about how her studies in Peace and Conflict Transformation at CMU have shaped and reshaped her understanding of what peace and conflict really are, what it means to build peace in a pluralistic society, and what it takes to be peace-loving in thought, word and deed.

Kristen Wiltshire
Bachelor of Arts, 4 Year
Major: Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies