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CMU Professor Releases Book on True and False Prophecy in the Old Testament

Winnipeg, April 5, 2013 – CMU faculty member Dan Epp-Tiessen has released his book, Concerning the Prophets: True and False Prophecy in Jeremiah 23:9-29:32 (Pickwick Publications), which “sheds light on the compositional history, structure, and theology of the book of Jeremiah by demonstrating that a large concentric unit of material focusing on true and false prophecy stands at the center of the book.”

“In a nutshell, false prophecy overlooks community sin, encourages complacency, prevents repentance, and leads to utter catastrophe,” says author Epp-Tiessen, Associate Professor of Bible at CMU. “True prophecy diagnoses the sins of the community, calls for repentance, and asserts that health and healing can only result from following God’s way of life.”

danet_concerningtheprophetsEpp-Tiessen, who holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament from the University of St. Michael’s College (1994), has authored numerous articles, book reviews, curricula, and study guides, including Faith and Hope in the Midst of Changing Times, a five-week worship, prayer, and study guide commissioned by Mennonite Church Canada (2010). He has been teaching at CMU/CMBC since 1998.

Louis Stulman, Ph.D., of the University of Findlay praises as “intelligent, bold, and replete with exegetical insight. It will no doubt enrich all those interested in prophetic literature and the tortuous question of true and false prophecy.”

The fall 2012 release of Concerning the Prophets adds to CMU’s impressive body of works published since early 2012, which includes nine books, 13 book chapters, and 23 journal articles from a 45-member faculty.

“Scholarship lies at the very heart of CMU,” said Earl Davey, CMU’s Vice-President, Academic at the December 2012 book launch event. “I am confident to say we do well at forging an authentic and vital interface between scholarship and the teaching and mentoring process. Students are enriched as a consequence of our ongoing intellectual and spiritual work of analyzing and interpreting, constructing new ways of seeing and understanding the academic worlds we inhabit, and enabling us to discover more productive and informed ways of connecting with these worlds.”

At the book launch, Epp-Tiessen read his favourite sentence in the book  the dedication: “To Esther, Chris, Tim, Mark, and Melissa, whose love and laughter nourish my scholarly work, and also place it in proper perspective.”

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