Building the Movement that Feeds the World | Dr. Susan Walsh (video)

MSC_Susan_Walsh“Building the Movement that Feeds the World: What Indigenous Farmers Have Taught Me About our Well-Intentional Helping Hands,” featuring Dr. Susan Walsh, Executive Director of USC Canada.

Dr. Susan Walsh, author of Trojan-Horse Aid, goes beyond a critical review of misguided aid to offer reflections on the relationship between indigenous knowledge and resilience theory, the hopeful future of development assistance, and the contradictions in her own hybrid role as researcher and development-practitioner.

In light of growing global concern over the worsening food crisis and interconnected climate extremes, Trojan-Horse Aid offers an important critique of development practices that undermine peasant strategies as well as suggestions for more effective approaches
for the future.

Recorded February 10, 2016 at Menno Simons College.