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CMU Announces its 2015 Leadership Scholarship Winners

CMU is pleased to announce the recipients of its Leadership Scholarships: Naomi Klassen, a graduate of Calvin Christian Collegiate; Allegra Friesen-Epp, a Westgate Mennonite Collegiate graduate; Makoy Penner, a graduate of Dakota Collegiate; all three from Winnipeg; and Jenny Lopez, a Colegio Palermo graduate from Bogota, Colombia.

CMU's 2015 Leadership Scholarship winners: (counter-clockwise from top left)
CMU’s 2015 Leadership Scholarship winners: Naomi Klassen, Allegra Friesen-Epp, Makoy Penner, and Jenny Lopez (counter-clockwise from top left)

Four Leadership Scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate significant leadership ability, academic excellence, personal character, service, and vision. Worth up to $14,000 distributed over four years, the Leadership Scholarship is awarded to recent high school graduates.

“Each year CMU receives outstanding submissions for the Leadership Scholarship making it difficult to choose only four recipients,” says Lois Nickel, Director of Enrolment Services. “These students bring their gifts of leadership to our campus each fall and we are privileged to watch them grow into mature young adults who give back to their communities, churches, and our school.”

Students applying for the Leadership Scholarships are required to provide a resume of their leadership involvement in a variety of areas, along with two letters of recommendation, and an essay reflecting on a leader who inspires them.

Chosen leaders included Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and leaders from the recipients’ personal lives.

All four recipients have applied their leadership skills in a variety of settings including in their schools, churches, and as volunteers. They have mentored others, been active in school committees, and served in their churches. Leading by example, nurturing teamwork, and advocating for causes they are passionate about are a few of the many leadership qualities demonstrated by the recipients.